Friday, December 01, 2006

Fresh Start for Your Hurting Heart

My father-in-law has written a new book on healing the hurts of the heart.

Heart - the center of our beings, the core of who we are. We may think and reason with our minds, but with our hearts, we live!

Heart - that complex blending of our emotions, mind, will, spirit, values, virtues and desires. The looking glass through which we see and define life; the determiner of our beliefs and actions.

Hearts, however, also have a tremendous capacity to be wounded and broken. Our hearts can be beaten down by the judgments, hatred, bitterness and anger of others.

In Fresh Start for Your Hurting Heart, you will learn how your heart has been broken by the lies with which it has been assaulted. You will learn that no matter what road you’ve traveled, no matter what wounds your heart has received, the same God that made your heart can, and wants to, heal your heart!