Thursday, April 26, 2007

La Shawn Nails It

La Shawn Barber, in her column earlier this week, absolutely exposes the insanity of the pro-infant-death movement:
Pursuant to Roe v. Wade, women retain the 'right' to have their babies killed, but the abortionist can't extract a live baby and then kill him. He may rip the child apart in the womb first and remove body parts, or he may kill the baby in the womb with a poisonous solution, then remove the intact corpse.... Attention feminists: WOMEN STILL HAVE THE SO-CALLED RIGHT TO KILL THEIR BABIES FOR ANY REASON! STOP YOUR SQUAWKING!
Keep at it La Shawn.

Context: Supreme Court Upholds Curb on Abortion
5-4 Vote Affirms Ban on 'Partial-Birth' Procedure
More discussion and a graphic graphic at La Shawn Barber's Corner.

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