Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thirteen Headlines

Yahoo News with a bit of commentary...

Man accused of dental work in garage
Mouths off to regulators

Wash. official held in coffee mug attack
Story brewing for quite some time

Boy gets toilet seat stuck on his head
Redefines potty mouth

How to prepare for alien invasion
First, stop watching X-File reruns...

Man faces 30 days for ditching jury duty
Better than facing 30 days of jury duty

N.D. senior goes to prom in tractor
"She thinks my tractor's sexy!"

Drunk deposits horse in bank for night
A night mare for cleaning crew

Ohio judge frees man after Bible quiz
Man knew why Noah didn't play cards on the ark
(he was sitting on the deck)

19-year-old to graduate college after year
Took 'no child' act way too seriously

Prozac for pooches
Cats lobby for cocaine

Alleged robber leaves his AK-47 receipt

When informed of mistake replies, "Shoot!"

Maturing cheddar becomes Internet star
When informed of celebrity replies, "Stink!"

Now It's Your Turn
Man beats bookmakers by turning 100
I'll post your witty comment here...

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