Wednesday, May 02, 2007

House Committee Passes Thought Crimes Bill

1984 here we come.

The House Judiciary Committee passed a bill recently that has some alarming implications. Chuck Colson writes at -
If this dangerous law passes, pastors who preach sermons giving the biblical view of homosexuality could be prosecuted. Christian businessmen who refuse to print pro-gay literature could be prosecuted. Groups like Exodus International, which offer therapy to those with unwanted same-sex attraction, could be shut down.

In classic 1984 fashion, peaceful speech will be redefined as a violent attack worthy of punishment.
This has already occurred in Canada, England, and Sweden. This bill, currently titled the "Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act", could come before Congress very soon. Contact your representative and urge him or her to vote against it.

For Orwell's sake.

See for an article on why black pastors are concerned about their right to preach a biblical sermon on homosexuality.

This article quotes some doofus named Kwabena "Rainey" Cheeks (a Bishop? ha!) who said, "This legislation is needed because gay, lesbian, bisexual individuals are not protected under the law." What crap is this?

As Colson points out in his column, "In 2005, out of 863,000 cases of aggravated assault, just 177 cases were crimes of bias against homosexuals - far less than even 1 percent." We already have laws that protect people and property. And homosexuals are people, right? Then they deserve protection like everyone else. But not special protection.

Update ~ Visit Adam's Blog for a Podcast on this very topic.

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