Saturday, May 03, 2008

Review - The Magenta Equations

From Allegory, Volume 6/33, Spring 2008

"The Magenta Equations"
by J Alan Erwine

A bit slow off the start, this psycho-analytically infused SF piece eventually develops into a mildly interesting mystery. But there isn't much of a plot to explore or crisis to resolve so the payoff at the end is only mildly satisfying. An increasing number of space-fairing travelers are developing "hyperspace insanity" and the Board of a major consortium wants to know why before the press gets a hold of the story. Enter Dr. Jeng Fitztog, a reclusive scientist more adept at understanding broad behavioral equations than dealing with individuals, which is what he must do to solve this crisis! Except, his discovery could have been made by a computer and the press would have already noticed the increase in space madness and demanded an explanation. The big-business-conspiracy theme didn't quite work, and although the writing is solid, the story never took off as expected.

Sci-Fi (PG)
About 4200 words
My Rating: 6 of 10
If time, read it over lunch.

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