Saturday, May 03, 2008

Review - The Voice Within the Book

From Demon Minds, Spring 2008 Tales of Terror

"The Voice Within the Book"
by Heather Kuehl

This short horror piece is a suspenseful and entertaining story that adds a fresh mystery angle to a somewhat predictable (given the title) plot. But the writing is fairly solid and the characters adequately described so as to elicit in the reader an emotional interest in their outcome. A couple of creepy parts kept me, like Matthew (the protag), reading (hint hint); and not a lot of blood and gore, for which I am grateful. The most interesting character is the antagonist (the "Voice"), which has a personality and agenda all her own. An agenda that is as delightfully disturbing as the ending. Worth a read even if you don't enjoy horror.

Horror (PG to PG13)
About 3,450 words
My Rating: 6.5 of 10
Read it over lunch.

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