Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tall Tales On The Iron Horse

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With an imagination sparked by that understated and deliberately dry British humor (well, humour, I suppose), Science Fiction writer Colin P Davies has crafted a wonderfully witty collection of fantastical stories titled, Tall Tales on the Iron Horse (published by Bewildering Press).

Here's a sample narrative quip:
I felt a responsibility for her. Silly, I knew. But I tended to gather responsibilities like a hypochondriac gathers medicines. I blame my mother, for putting me in charge of the chickens.
This snippet is from the opening tall tale, for which the anthology is named, and is followed by 18 more stories, including 3 never before published pieces.


1. Tall Tales on the Iron Horse

All aboard! Quickly now! And without so much as a goodbye to reality, this first story steals your imagination away and immediately plops you down in the middle of a surreal journey through space, with an incessant and annoying Talker as your travel guide. Where are you heading? How soon will you get there? Author Colin P Davies deftly leads the reader from Australasia to Titan, Saturn's moon, so that we can...wait for God. This first person narrative is a clever space travel/psychological thriller (with a bit of nanotechnology for the hard sci-fi fan) that keeps your confusion at bay until all is divinely revealed.

Sci-Fi (PG)
About 3900 words
My Rating: 9 of 10
Take an early lunch and read it.*

* This story is available online at Infinity Plus.
Not all stories are available online. Please purchase your copy here.

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