Saturday, July 04, 2009

New Book to Review - Transforming Realities

UPDATE Aug 10: Read my review here.

Just received my review copy of R.L. Copple's new book, Transforming Realities (cover art by E.J. Mickels). This novel is a followup to his collection of 5 short stories in novella form, Infinite Realities (published by Double-Edged Publishing).

I'll be commenting on it soon, but until then, check out this review:
+ Splashdown Reviews
+ Plus, here's my take of Infinite Realities at

But wait, there's more...
Want a taste of R.L. Copple's style? Some of his short stories appear in the pages of ResAliens here:
+ The Battle (super flash fiction)
+ Space Talk (sci-fi flash fiction)
+ For nonfiction, read Copple's essay on Fantasy and Christianity.

BTW, R.L. Copple produces Ray Gun Radio, a podcast production of Ray Gun Revival.

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