Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Flash Fiction Five Pack Available Now

Enjoy Five Flash Fictions (plus a Bonus Microfiction!) in this humorous collection of digital tales. In this short, whimsical, "A to Z" volume you'll read about alien romance and zombies as well as email spam and space monkeys. In fact, two tales feature Mazaru the Space Monkey while a third introduces Billy Farnsworth, Zombie Hunter, characters that will likely become recurring characters in full blown stories of their own - but you'll have discovered them here first! (About 3500 words.)

Available now for $0.99 at your favorite eStores:

* Smashwords (various formats)
* Amazon Kindle
* B&N's NOOK

About the Author (that's me!): Lyn Perry writes a variety of speculative fiction, from SF and fantasy to mystery and spiritual thriller. He is also the editor of Fear & Trembling, a zine of spiritual horror and suspense.

Amazon Reviews:
5 Stars from S.M. Setzer:
"Each story hits the ground running, establishes its situation right away, and pays off with a comic twist at the end."

5 Stars from Jade Smith:
"If you love sci-fi and dark humor, you will definitely enjoy this collection! Highly recommend!"

5 Stars from TK Toppin:
"Perry's quirky mind and whipcord wit certainly infiltrates into his writing, which is spot on. Can't wait to read more!"

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