Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Write 1 Sub 1 Challenge

Write1Sub1 Reloaded
Yep, I'm almost thinking about maybe considering potentially participating in the Write 1 Sub 1 Challenge - possibly!

The goal? Write a story a week each week in 2012. And then submit a story for publication each week in 2012. As an editor, I do read and comment on stories quite a bit, but I've gotten away from actually writing them. So my New Year's resolution? Write more stories!

But I know me...if I don't have support, it'll be a tough row to hoe. But now there's a web community to help me reach my goal. You can read more details here, but here's the overview:

Here's the challenge, should you choose to accept it:
  • Write and submit a short story or poem every week (or month), starting the first week of January and ending the last week of December.
  • Goal: 52 new submissions in 52 weeks (or 12 in 12 months).
  • You don't have to write and submit the same story within the same week -- although that's what Bradbury did. Often it pays to set a story aside for a while and come back to it.
  • The length of your story can be as short as Twitter fiction (140 characters) or as long as a novelette (15,000 words). Any style, any genre: whatever you write.
Now, perhaps it's time to conceivably get ready...


  1. I really like the "Write 1 Sub 1" idea and will try to do it myself. I think that 12-for-12 will be more realistic for my schedule, but I'm definitely going to take the challenge.

  2. Great to have you on board, Lyn -- and thanks for the signal boost!

  3. Thanks, Milo. I hope to write stories mostly from 1-5k but if I get behind those twitter bytes are a nice out. :)

    And Stoney, one a month is great! No twitter fiction for you, though, lol.

  4. Thanks for the W1S1 shout out, Lyn! I hope we get lots of folks signed up for 2012.

  5. Great. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. It's a lot of fun.


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