Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Zero Hour - 99 Cents This Month!

Updated Amazon Ranking - 5 PM Friday, Feb 3:
#15,937 Paid in Kindle Store
February Fire Sale - 99 cents

If you've ever read any of Stoney M. Setzer's stories (at ResAliens) then you'll likely want to own Zero Hour - Stories of Spiritual Suspense. Now you can get the equivalent of a 175 page anthology as an ebook for only 99 cents!

Here's the blurb:
Are you into tales of suspense reminiscent of the days of pulp fiction? Then you'll enjoy these 15 Twilight Zone-like mysteries served up with a spiritual twist. Author Stoney M. Setzer pulls together an anthology of supernatural thrillers that will transport you to that shadowland where anything is possible. 

So please take a look and if you can, buy a copy. Then, post a review! Even if you've read one or two of his stories, you can always mention that. Or, at the very least, simply agree with the tags below the product page. Anything to give the book a bump this month as we'd like to see it hit one of Amazon's Best Seller Category Lists. Thanks so much!

NOTE: If you don't have a Kindle or prefer a different electronic format, the collection is also available for 99 cents from Smashwords and well as Kobo, B&N (soon), and Apple's iTunes store (soon).

Oh, and check out the Daily Kindle Bargain - Zero Hour is featured Feb 2, Feb 4, and Feb 7. Another ResAliens Press author's book, T. M. Hunter's The Cure, is featured Feb 1, 15, and 22. And we'll have Hunter's Dead or Alive - An Aston West Collection appearing soon there as well.

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