Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spec Fic Survey

A friend is conducting a survey for a class, and using our magazine venues as a case study! (Cool, eh?)  Could you please participate? Answer the questions at her site or comment below. Thanks!

 The ResAliens/Fear & Trembling Survey 
for Readers and Writers! 

 We want to know more about you, and improve your experience as readers and writers! So we made up a little survey for our fans and contributors. Have fun with this!  Simply leave a comment below in the box.

What you want:
1) What types of stories would you like to see in upcoming issues of the magazines? 
2) What kind of art? (Photos, paintings, animation-style, etc)
3) If we ran a writing contest that cost a minimal fee to enter, and it had a cash prize, would you enter?
4) Suggest ways we can improve the pages—more chances for feedback—more social plugins—games?
5) If there were tourist flights traveling to Mars, would you go? (No, seriously...)

What you like:
6) What is your favorite thing about the magazines/sites?
7) What is your top favorite story or poem?

What you might dream of:
8) If the magazine had an app that allowed you to create custom content just for your device, like a playlist of stories, would you try it?
9) If you could vote a top story each month, would you like that?
10) Would you use a message board on our site?

Thanks again!

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