Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Freshman English

Freshman English - A Literary Short
by Lyndon Perry

Actually, there are two short stories in this ebook, what a bonus. What's more, it's free! (Tues/Wed, June 19 & 20.) So even better. You can download it to your Kindle today.

My critique group didn't know what to make of "Freshman English." It's a student essay. It has annotations (remarks by the professor). It has mistakes. It's fiction. Just keep that in mind...it's fiction. Literary. Oh yeah.

The second story is "This is Not My Autobiography." And other than the fact that it deals with a daughter getting married during a father's midlife crisis, it is not about me nor my daughter. Really. I swear.

So you know what to do. Please download it for free today. 'Be the first to review this item.' *Like* it (even if you don't), agree with the tags, and spread the word. Please. Do it for the kids. And as always, thanks for reading.

UPDATE: Midday report - #3281 in the free Kindle store


  1. I enjoyed both of these stories -- particularly the POV's and how well they flowed, almost stream o' conscious. Just wish there'd been MORE in this volume!

  2. I do have to learn to write "faster" - meaning, as DWS states on his blog, 1000 words a day. That will produce 50 x 5000 word short stories with weekends off and two weeks vacation! lol So one day I'll have a 10 story collection instead of 2. :) Thanks for reading!


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