Saturday, June 23, 2012

SF Snippet Saturday

SFFS = Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday

Jumping on the bandwagon with a few other sci-fi fanatics by posting a snippet (10 sentences max, okay the one below is 12 sentences, but I'm not an official participant yet!) of a science fiction WIP (one that I've been working on toooo long!).

About the story: The planet Tral is in upheaval; the crisis in the capital is about to spread throughout the planetary union. A local political figure looms in the wings and an Ambassador plots behind the scenes. Will they join forces for mutual benefit or try to destroy each other? Will their actions bring peace or war?

Let me know what you think and that may motivate me to finish the dang thang.

From The Tralian Incident by Lyndon Perry

            “Ambassador! Ambassador Gartaun. When will your government release the Tralian delegation?”
            The mass of reporters pressed their vidcasters up and over each other to capture the ambassador as he exited his StratoLiner, now at rest on the tarmac behind the security fence at Tral’s main landing port. Dozens of correspondents streamed live vidfeeds of the unfolding crisis to their constituents. More questions followed until the clamor became unintelligible. The story dominated interplanetary bandwidth. 
            Ambassador Spokesperson Narrina Ikalie stepped to the fence and raised her arms to quiet the reporters as she watched her boss escape to the safety of a waiting limousine.
   “The Tralian delegation is in quarantine,” Narrina stated. “They will not be permitted to meet with President Nimbarri until the administration is satisfied they pose no threat to the State.”
    The crowd erupted and vidcasters whirred in response.
            “Is it true that your President has ordered their execution?” someone shouted.
            “That is a complete fabrication. Envoy Sign├ít and the Tralian representatives remain in their StratoLiner unharmed.” Do not engage in debate, Narrina scolded herself. Especially when lying.


BTW, here are the rules if you want to join the fun and post a snippet next Saturday. The ones I know for sure who are participating include:



  1. Intriguing stuff...and by the way, I counted 14 hard punctuation marks... ;-)

  2. What's a few hard stops among friends? ;) Thanks for stopping by.

  3. An interesting beginning, to be sure. I'm looking forward to more in clips of 10 sentences or less. ;)

    And, thanks for the shout!

  4. Good stuff! Next time make it well before the deadline!! Naughty Lyn!! (and you, a teacher of all things! Puh!) Finish the darn's good!! We'll see ya next week then?

  5. Okay okay rules rule. lol Thanks for stopping by you two. Yeah, more next time. Maybe one day I'll finish it!

  6. You'd better finish it -- you've got my interest piqued, Lyn.

  7. Thanks, Milo. I think I will - and am going to try an experiment by posting a snippet a week, plus provide a "story so far" tab for those who want to "catch up" with reading The Tralian Incident. I may not stick with 10 sentences as I want to stop at natural breaks in the action (plus, I hate those kind of rule-oriented memes anyway, lol). So check back next week!


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