Monday, June 11, 2012

Some Writers I Watch

I read them too, but I'm watching. Watching them progress from unpublished to published authors. And while they're doing that they're sharing the details of their journey. Some have grand aspirations, others are simply enjoying the ride. Some I'm not sure their long term goals. A few blog regularly (and on a variety of topics), others not so much. Most have something in print (self or small press) but a few are represented by an agent and are traditionally published.

All make for interesting reading and have been helpful in my journey so far. A journey I'm more inclined to share the details of as I progress as a published writer myself. Here's who I'm watching/reading (in no particular order, and forgive me if I've forgotten a few). Who are some of your fellow travelers that you enjoy listening in on and interacting with?


  1. My goals?

    To quote/paraphrase Cerebus the Aardvark, when asked how much money he would want, Cerebus answered, "All of it."

    "No, no. I mean, if you could have any amount of money whatsoever, how much would it be?"

    "Like I said, 'all of it.'"


    Oh, and I can't forget power. And ice cream! Lots of ice cream.

  2. Ah, the ice cream! ;) Yep, I'm with you. Retirement age is out there on the horizon...

  3. With all the money and power, I think the ice cream is a given!

    One of these days, maybe I'll figure out what my goal is. Until then, I'll just keep writing (and publishing) books... ;-)

  4. Awwww.... :)

    Thank you, Lyn! I appreciate the shout-out! It means a lot to know that something I'm doing is making someone take notice. So many people think the road to publication is smooth and have little understanding of what it really takes.

    And, ooh, now I have some authors to check out :).

  5. Thanks Todd and Kat for stopping by. I'm working out the kinks as I go with no long range plan at this point - more a hope and a dream. But that would require actually writing something as well. lol

  6. Hey - thanks for the link! I'm still building my own little list of links, but you'll definitely be on it. :)

    And, I'm with everyone on the ice cream. (Seriously, my husband thinks I'm crazy, but I still contend that if Baskin Robbins had a pizza-like delivery option, people would use it!)

    Also looking forward to visiting the others you've mentioned.

  7. Beth, when you come across some good reads, let me know. I also read Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Raush for industry and writerly information.

  8. Thanks for mentioning me! Thanks also for giving me the names of other authors to read...

  9. You're welcome. How's that new novel coming along? ;)


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