Monday, September 24, 2012

Blog Tour for The Telling Continues

The Telling
by Christian Blogger Mike Duran
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Talking about this novel this week with the CSFF Blog Tour. Links to participants and various reviews below. Buy the book at my Amazon Store. I'll post my review Wednesday night.

If you don't know of the author, here's his bio:
Mike Duran has lived in Southern California his entire life. He and his wife Lisa were married in 1980, and have raised four children, all of whom live in SoCal. He has chronicled his conversion to Christianity in a series of blog posts entitled "The Hard Road Home" at his blog, Decompose. A former pastor, Mike now works in construction and is a freelance writer whose short stories, essays, and commentary have appeared in Relief Journal, Relevant Online, Novel Journey, Rue Morgue magazine, and other print and digital outlets. His debut novel, The Resurrection (Charisma House), released in 2011.

(BTW, I read and reviewed The Resurrection, you can read my take here.) Now, here's what some people are saying about his latest novel. Also, check out some of the other tour participants for their take on The Telling:

Jim Armstrong
Keanan Brand
Beckie Burnham
Brenda Castro
Jeff Chapman
Theresa Dunlap
Victor Gentile
Nikole Hahn
Bruce Hennigan
Jason Joyner
Carol Keen
Emileigh Latham
Blooming with Books
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Anna Mittower
Kathleen Smith
Donna Swanson
Jessica Thomas
Steve Trower
Dona Watson
Shane Werlinger
Phyllis Wheeler


  1. Lyn--

    I'm adding you to my blog list for Wednesday's post. Hope you enjoyed the book!

    (Turns out, a lot of folks who did opt in to the tour aren't even mentioning the book, or are just posting generic material because they haven't read it. Frosts my cornflakes.)

  2. Yeah, I'm going to cull the list to only those who posted something about The Telling. I'm going to try to finish the book tonight, but will probably get it done tomorrow, so watch for Thursday's post.


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