Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog Tour - The Telling

The Telling
by Christian Blogger Mike Duran
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Starting a 3-day book promo with CSFF Blog Tour. Links to participants and various reviews below. You can also buy the book here, at my Amazon Store. I'll be posting something interesting each day, so stop back tomorrow night.

Okay, here's what we know so far. (That is, here's the blurb!)

A prophet never loses his calling, only his way.

Disfigured with a hideous scar from his stepmother, Zeph Walker lives his life in seclusion, cloistering himself in a ramshackle bookstore on the outskirts of town. But Zeph is also blessed with a gift—an uncanny ability to foresee the future,to know peoples’ deepest sins and secrets. He calls it the Telling, but he has abandoned this gift to a life of solitude, unbelief, and despair—until two detectives escort him to the county morgue where he finds his own body lying on the gurney.

On the northern fringes of Death Valley, the city of Endurance is home to llama ranches, abandoned mines, roadside attractions...and the mythical ninth gate of hell. Now, forced to investigate his own murder, Zeph discovers something even more insidious behind the urban legends and small-town eccentricities. Early miners unearthed a megalith—asacred site where spiritual and physical forces converge and where an ancient subterranean presence broods. And only Zeph can stop it.

But the scar on Zeph’s face is nothing compared to the wound on his soul. For not only has he abandoned his gift and renounced heaven, but it was his own silence that spawned the evil. Can he overcome his own despair in time to seal the ninth gate of hell?

His words unlocked something deadly, and now the silence is killing them.

I like the premise. The blurb is right on, but leaves out a mysterious counter-thread of a plot that is intriguing and, I'm certain, will tie into Zeph's story before it's all over. I'm about half way through and will post my review on Wednesday. But as of tonight there are 23 positive reviews of the book at Amazon.

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