Sunday, October 07, 2012

Christ of the Abyss

Excited to launch another project via ResAliens Press.

Christ of the Abyss, a SF novella by Joel V. Kela
Coming November 1, 2012 (paperback/ebook).
Cover design by Jordan Dyke (my son-in-law!)
They left Earth for the promise of a new life. Yet on the fabled planet Constance, Orin and Lianna's dreams dissolved amidst war and disaster. Now all that remains is to seek the last object and symbol of their hope—a massive statue set adrift in the void of space...Christ of the Abyss.

Joel V. Kela lives in Dallas, Texas, though he calls the Upper Peninsula of Michigan home. He is married to a better girl than he deserves, has four surprising kids, and goes kiteboarding whenever he can. His stories have appeared in a variety of publications, and he is the editor of the soon-to-launch e-zine, Mythic Skies. You can visit Joel’s home on the web at

This novella runs 50 pages (12,500 words) and will be available as a trim paperback as well as an ebook on Amazon, BandN, Kobo, Smashwords, and other great outlets. I've also had the privilege of publishing Joel's spiritual horror story, "Brightmoor Confessions," at Fear and Trembling Magazine. It received and extensive and favorable review by Jeff Chapman, the author of the fantasy collection, Tales of Woe and Wonder.

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