Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Silo Story - Inspired by Wool

A desperate dream. An aging priest’s confession. 
A child’s last prayer.

     The priest heard the sheriff leave and the girl enter her side of the confessional.
     “Father?” she asked in a whisper.
     Confidence flooded Elias’s veins. Here was a frightened soul needing assurance. Here was his duty. “Yes, my child? Do you wish to make a confession?”
     Silence met his anticipation and disassembled it.
     “No, Father,” the girl said, her voice bold now, urgent. “I’ve come to ask you to help me clean.”

Inspired by Hugh Howey's world of Wool (and with a generous 'go for it' from Howey himself), The Last Prayer by Lyndon Perry features...

A different silo, a different threat.
In the post-apocalypse, society continues in underground silos, kept safe from the toxic world above by a simple hatch door and a strict set of rules. For generations, an oligarchy of priests and politicians preserved their standing while the common workers lived in ignorance. 
When a young girl starts speaking of heaven as if it were just outside, the rigid caste system begins to crack. Sides are quickly drawn. The only thing preventing a violent upheaval is an old priest's confession and the child's last prayer. But will such simple faith be enough to save them all?
Available Now! Read The Last Prayer (for sale on Amazon). If you are a fan of Howey's "wooliverse" and would like a free copy of my novelette to review (you know the drill, reviews drive Amazon's algorithms ;) then look for it on March 25 during a "free promo" day. Thanks for your interest and comments!

(Also, cover design shout out to Jeff Parish, author of the horror novel, Jennings Grove.)


  1. I haven't read Howey's work (yet), but I have the first Wool on my Kindle. I'll probably end up reading yours before I read the source material! Very cool idea. Wish Whedon would allow something similar for us Browncoats...

  2. Howey is very generous. He sent me his YA SF novel, Molly Fyde, a few years back (pre-Wool) to review and I've emailed him a few times since; he often replies to comments and responds to reviews.

    Yes, I'd be interested in your take on Wool (after reading my fan fic first) - I want to know if it "fits" his world/style and if I gave away any spoilers (not my intention - since Howey's original novella delights first time readers with so many ahhs! lol).

  3. I love the cover Lyn. Can't wait to see this puppy up on the kindle store.

  4. Thanks, Wes! I'm going to do a post soon on fan fic and will mention your story and the audible release. You mentioned on your blog that you've had over 6k downloads already. Near 7k yet? :)


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