Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm starting to forget my babies...

I only have a dozen stories or so published but I've already come across a few of my early scribblings and thought, "Oh, I forgot about that one." Maybe this is one reason I've been a reluctant writer. If I create my little babies and then go and create more little babies (I'm being figurative here, just in case my wife is reading) then I don't have time to coddle those initial folios of joy. I'm being a neglectful father.

A friend of mine recently mentioned that he now has over 60 stories published. And he's doing it the smart way too. He writes a story, zips it off to a paying market (and keeps sending it out until it finds a home), and when the rights revert back, he bundles his babies into a collection and sells them again on Amazon. Work once, get paid often. He's an inspiration. But I'm certain he's forgotten a few of his stories by now. Bad dad.

So I look at my cradle full of little ones. I want to hold them and pat them and read them again. But then my creative juices start to flow (sorry!) and I get the urge to...procreate. And this necessitates moving on. I realize I have to let my babies make their own way in the world. Does this make me neglectful? A bad dad? I'm at a crisis point, a decision nexus. What should I do??


I guess I'll be bad.
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