Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An Early Unpublished Work

Red Things

There are red foxes,
and there are red boxes,
there are red trees,
and there are red bees,
there are red cars,
ane there are red jars,
now you see, it can be,
ryhmes and chyhmes.

Lyndon James P.

First, thanks go to my sister for saving this, ahem, early masterpiece and then relinquishing the original after 40 years and sending it to me recently, mounted and framed, a wonderful surprise. A see-how-far-you've-come surprise. What fun!

Now some observations: I don't know if I've come that very far, actually. lol. In fact, I recognize some stylistic tendencies that I employ even now. Like the repetition of color, the generous use of couplets, the occasional misspelled word, and the intentional use of a pen name. Genius at such an early age. Or not.

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