Saturday, April 06, 2013

Epic Fantasy Series and My Writing Process

Short vid on one of the serial novella projects that I'm working on and a bit on my writing process. How do you go about your writing (if you're a writer)? Long hand? Just computer? Edit as you go? Get it out and edit later? Inquiring mind(s) want to know! :)


Breanna Teintze said...

1. Longhand if I'm really, really stuck. For some reason I can bang out my plot points in a notebook easier than onscreen. Otherwise, I type much faster than I write, almost as quick as I can think the words.
2. I edit some things as I go, if I see them, and other things in formal second and third (and fourth...) drafts.

Oh, and I write fantasy. I dunno if you'd qualify it as epic fantasy, since I focus more on characters than setting (that's the distinction of epic usually, right? setting as important as a character?), but it's definitely traditional fantasy. Kingdoms, swords, dragon-killing waitresses, and so on.

Isaac said...

Great vid Lyn.. I'm still working on my epic fantasy series I started back in 2003, hope to get it out someday! :D

Lyn Perry said...

Thanks for commenting you two. Everyone's writing process is so different - and for some it can take years, Isaac! lol As for epic, I may be using the word incorrectly then. What I mean is classic sword and sorcery with epic battles and heroes and such. I'm a fan but not a fanatic when it comes to this genre. For that I rely on my friends at Rogue Blades Entertainment :)

Breanna said...

I think sword and sorcery = Conan, or Drizzt.

Epic battles and heroes = high or epic fantasy, i.e. Tolkien or Martin.

I've been reading and writing in the genre forever and I still can't find a consensus on the difference, if there is one, between high and epic fantasy, btw.