Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Quote From "The Fiction Factory"

The Fiction Factory by William Wallace Cook is a 1912 book on the experiences of a part-time writer going full-time. And how he did it was to crank out story after story. The subtitle says a lot.

Being the Experience of a Writer Who, for Twenty-Two Years, 
Has Kept a Story-Mill Grinding Successfully

Some great insight here - especially on how "the masses" mostly just want good, clean storytelling and that successful writers are entertainers and shouldn't be embarrassed by that fact. Some things never change. Here's a quote: 
The tale that moves breathlessly but logically, that is built incident upon incident to a telling climax with the frankly avowed purpose to entertain, that has no questionable leanings or immoral affiliations--such a tale speeds innocently an idle hour, diverts pleasantly the harassed mind, freshens our zeal for the duties of life, and occasionally leaves us with higher ideals.
Yeah. That. That's the type of story I want to write.

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