Monday, June 10, 2013

Writing Assignment: Setting

The Riverfest food court was overflowing with visitors, and every vendor was doing a brisk business. Mingling in line, awaiting their tasty treats, were white collars and rednecks, skinny jeans and muffin tops, biker dudes in leather chaps along with cowgirls in boots and cutoffs. The open air stands were serving up delicacies just as varied as their patrons…and twice as unique. Deep fried Snickers bars, chocolate dipped cheesecake, red velvet funnel cake, and other assorted creations. It was midweek, country western night on the outdoor stage, and the sun was reaching for the horizon just over the Arkansas River. The temperature, a pleasant 70; not unwelcome for this first week of June. A slight wind had me thinking of the light coat I left in the car. But the sight of friends, the smell of fries, and the sounds of Montgomery Gentry were warming in their own right.

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