Saturday, September 21, 2013

10 Day 1/2 Novel Challenge - Day 1

Only got one chapter done today, 1400 words. I had all day! I'm terrible at these types of challenges. Sheesh. So what else did I do? I reread my story, edited here and there, worked on the opening of another story in this series (so add 300 or so words) and planned out more stories, sketching brief outlines and scenarios. Oh man, I need to stick with one project until it's done! Okay, so I'm behind all ready. Let's see what tomorrow holds.

BTW, the novel that's half-way done that I want to complete in this 10 day challenge is a thriller featuring Ned Nbonivoy (my PI) and a homicide detective, whom I'll reveal at the end of the challenge. I have some good news to share on a related front, so once I get the word, I'll talk about that too.

Now the good news I can reveal is that Drinking Games is finally live (for only 99 cents from Amazon). This short thriller features Ned Nbonivoy and my psychic detective, AJ Rakowski. Check it out!

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