Sunday, October 06, 2013

Oct 6 Update

Almost done with Beatings. Added 1000 words; it's now at 6k and I estimate another 1200 will wrap it up. Which puts it at almost the exact same length as Abductions. If I get inspired to write the third and final episode (Confessions) in this 3-story arc project then I can combine them into a novella length collection. We'll see if the publisher wants to do that. Part 2 has to be accepted first! ;)

New words today: 1000
So far this month: 4800

BTW, if this short thriller genre is your thing and you want to beta/first read Beatings, email me and I'd be happy to consider sending it to you. Also, check out these two new reviews/comments for Drinking Games.

I enjoyed the story and wanted it to go on after it ended, but like any good episodic story this one will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat.

It is a fast paced, sometimes dark and sometimes comical story that I could not put down once I began. The comic moments are most appreciated as a relief from the dark side of the story.

That's right. "Comedy and Terror Can Work Together." Love that review headline!

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