Saturday, October 05, 2013

Writers Write Oct 5

Added another 1500 words to Beatings, sequel to Abductions, two thriller shorts featuring my psychic detective, AJ Rakowski. So am about 5000 words into this story; should wrap it up tomorrow, barring any crazy antics of my villain. Will then ship it off to my publisher who accepted the first story, so I'm hopeful. Still not sure when the first short will be available, but when I get word, I'll tell you the whole story behind everything. Rakowski's partner is a 'famous' homicide detective originated by another writer. So this will be a collaboration piece. Fingers crossed!

New words today: 1500
So far this month: 3800

Not great, but not shabby either. Oh, and if you're interested, these two stories are referenced in a self-published short thriller novella called Drinking Games (available at Amazon for 99 cents). If you're paying attention (not asking you to, just FYI, lol), Drinking Games is the fourth story in my AJ Rakowski series. I wrote it after Abductions but before Beatings. Don't ask me why. But since the alphabetical titles are obvious by now, a story tentatively titled Confessions is in the works. Things can change, though. So stay tuned for updates.

Thanks for reading.

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