Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Some Good News

Excited to say that my second short thriller was accepted for publication today. The downside is that I celebrated and didn't write any new fiction. I need to stop the end zone dancing and pretend I've been there before. ;)

If you want a hint (foretaste, even) at why I'm so excited, then check out this collaboration between Joe Konrath and Tracy Sharp called Jacked Up! (Did I say collaboration? And did I mention in earlier posts something about a popular indie writer franchising his series? Okay, enough clues. And no, I'm not Tracy Sharp.)

So anyway, my story, Abductions, should be out later this month or next. Then the sequel, Beatings, will hit the virtual bookshelves soon after. On a related note of good news, another 5 Star Review was just posted for Drinking Games. Humbled and grateful.

New words today: 0
So far this month: 6000

BTW, do you like my new author pic? Is it sufficiently authorial? Also, if you want an electronic "authorgraph" then check out this new service connecting writers and fans. Just got a comment from the founder and he seems like a great guy looking to improve his product. It's free, so try it and let me know what you think.

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