Saturday, October 12, 2013

Writers Write Oct 12

Yesterday, I started a new story. I know, I should be finishing other stories I have started. But the opening just worked. And like all good openings (I think it's good, but I guess we'll see once it's published!), it has a main character, in a setting (described utilizing all five senses), with a problem. That's it. And that should occur within the first 300 words. In fact, that's all I wrote last night. Just the MC in a setting with a problem.

Today, I added 3000 words to that story and feel I'm half way done. It's a paranormal short story, so we'll see where it goes. I have an idea where I think it's heading, but not sure. Can't wait until I finish it! May tell you more tomorrow, but for now that's the update.

Yesterday's words: 300
New words today: 3000
So far this month: 9300

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