Friday, July 18, 2014

21 Day Sprint - Day 5

Not great, but not bad either. 2000 words to wrap up the first section of the Bombo Dawson satire I'm working on for Michael Bunker. Previously talked about it during this 21 Day Sprint to the End of Summer.

But why the sprint? Let's talk about that. I've heard it said that anyone can do something for 21 days if they simply decide to. Exercise 21 days in a row. Give up chocolate for 21 days (don't know why you would, it's an example, purely). Write for 21 days. Et cetera.

Why 21 days? I've heard (again) that it takes that long for a habit to form and thus for something to become...habitual. Part of one's routine. Ingrained.

That's my hope, anyway. Because at the end of this summer sprint, I head back to the classroom and I want to keep writing in my spare time. If you look below the fold, you'll know why. I have tons of projects I'm working on.

Plus, I want to have four novels published by the end of the year. And that can't happen unless I put fingers to keyboard every day. Thoughts about the process so far? What works for you to keep you writing?

Thanks for reading. Project updates below.

Word Count Totals and Genre:
Day 1 - 3200 words (space western, horror)
Day 2 - 2400 words (satire/humor)
Day 3 - 2700 words (satire/humor)
Day 4 -  500 words (fantasy)
Day 5 - 2000 words (satire/humor)
Total - 10,800 words so far

Projects on Deck (those I know I'll be working on in the next few months):
+ Ma Tutt's Secret Spice (Book #2 of Cat Cozy)
+ Bombo Dawson satire novel with Michael Bunker
+ post-death horror story with Gustavo Bondoni
+ historical werewolf story with Jeff Chapman
+ spiritual suspense with Stoney M. Setzer
+ MG alt history with T. M. Hunter
+ space western with Dan Devine
+ thriller/mystery for Joe Konrath
+ YA paranormal with friend
+ cozy mystery with friend
+ a few others! lol

Thanks for following along on my 21 Day Sprint to the End of Summer.

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