Tuesday, July 22, 2014

21 Day Sprint - Day 9

Rough day yesterday, no original fiction words. Some days are like that, even during a sprint. (Not an excuse, but I did have two dentist appointments back to back yesterday, and that wore me out! lol)

So I bounced back today after a short morning nap and pounded out 2600 words in my new Ma Tutt story called "Time for Tea." It's the second tale in a series of five episodes that I'm writing for my second Mack the Magical Cat novel. Book 2 is titled Ma Tutt's Secret Spice.

I have the cover elements and color scheme picked out and my son-in-law should have a mock-up some time soon. Once I'm closer to finishing this novel (probably 45k words total), I'll host a cover reveal. It'll be similar in style as Ma Tutt's Donut Hut, which has garnered some nice compliments for both the cover and the story.

Speaking of which, my second interview is now online. Author and blogger Lisa Godfrees asked some great questions and is going to give away two free Ma Tutt ebooks next Monday. She will pick from those who comment on her blog, so please drop by, read the interview, and comment for a chance to win. Thanks!

Well, off to the gym to exercise (since I basically sat all day writing). Will add my word count updates later tonight. Until then, thanks for reading. I appreciate your interest, truly.

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