Monday, October 23, 2017

The Return: A Contact Window Story

Been dusting off some old story starts lately and rediscovering some abandoned projects floating around inside my computer. Some of these finds have now become finished stories, so that's a win. (Click here for what I've written lately.)

I then realized I haven't submitted anything to any magazines for a long, long time. Nor have I done much indie publishing. So that needs to change. (For a list of most of my published projects, click here. Includes some freebies!)

So as I was tooling around my files, I saw one story that I realized I don't have posted anywhere on my blog. (Though it is in my storefront.)

The story I'm referring to is a science fiction piece I wrote using the Contact Window universe of Will Swardstrom. My story is called The Return. Both are for sale for 99 cents apiece.

So I thought you'd like a reminder of this fun SF short story as well. Now I'm off to discover what else is lurking on my hard drive!