Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Good Reads #2 - Review of Write it Forward

Write it Forward by Bob Mayer is a very extensive "how-to" book structured much like a self-improvement book, providing strategies (Mayer calls them tools) that take writers to their next level.

Whether it's writing, marketing, networking, etc., the writer can employ these tools to plan, do, then evaluate one's progress.

Mayer is a former Green Beret and so draws on that experience for illustrations, which are surprisingly relevant. I especially liked the use of SOPs - standard operating procedures - for each stage of the writing process.

The nine tools are what, why, where, character, change, courage, communication, command, complete. These form a 'circle of success' for when you complete the strategies in one area or at one level of your life (or writing), you cycle through them again to continue to improve and advance in your career.

The book is a bit repetitive at times, but I think that's intentional as the material covers so much ground it's good to cycle back and read something you learned earlier but then again in light of a greater context. Very practical. Recommended and not just for writers.

Mayer has a website ( where he blogs and gives away some free ebooks (I've read a number of his military thrillers and have enjoyed them). But he also provides some excellent slide-shows with great information on dozens of topics relevant to writers and life in general. Good stuff.

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