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WIP Snippet #4

Welcome to Jan 6 & 7 "WeWriWa" blog hop.

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My WIP - Ma Tutt's Secret Spice (coming April, 2018)

This is book two of a curious cozy featuring a magical cat named Mack and the owner of a donut hut named Ma Tutt. Each week I'll simply post the next 8 to 10 sentences of my novel, so obviously not all of these will be complete scenes. Still, should be fun. To catch up, click #WIPSnippet.

Snippet #4

Ma Tutt looked at the cute little kitty door next to the back entrance and considered herself fortunate that Mack hadn’t brought back any of his 'prizes' into the kitchen. Oh, the local food and health inspector would have a fit if he were to visit on the day Mack left such an offering!

She peeled her eyes off her feline friend and grabbed a favorite apron, one with a colorful splay of California poppies. She donned a hairnet and tucked away a few graying strands of hair. Ready at last, she began her opening routine with a spry step that belied her sixty-year old legs.

“I have a feeling it’s going to be a busy morning, Martía, so if you’ll man the oven and deep fat fryer, I’ll make sure the display case out front is fully stocked.” The Gypsy woman nodded and, with another yawn, got to work.

This being a Friday and the start to a busy Fourth of July holiday weekend in the middle of tourist season, Dolly expected quite a crowd. But then, so far this summer, most weekends had boasted a whirlwind of activity.

After just two months of business, the Hut was already the community’s hotspot and a favorite stop for vacationers on their way to a mountain lake getaway; it was not unusual to see a line forming at the front door by the time Dolly hit the lights and turned the Closed sign to Open.


Thanks for reading! If you want to get in on the mystery and like gentle bakery stories - and with a magical cat! - then book one, Ma Tutt's Donut Hut, might be of interest. Available at Amazon. Here's the back copy:

Dolly Tutt has just opened her own bakery in the small mountain community of Sugar Pine Station. But the Creamy Pie franchise across the street is giving her fits. Her business is dying. She needs a miracle or she'll be forced to close. 

Fortunately, Mack, a mysterious tabby that came with the doughnut shop, lends a paw by pointing Dolly to a magical ingredient that definitely puts the spice back in her life and rejuvenates the Donut Hut. Unfortunately, it also unleashes a series of catastrophes that may end up destroying her business once and for all. 


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