Wednesday, January 22, 2020

New Release! Thee Will I Cherish

Thee Will I Cherish
An Inspirational Amish Love Story 
by Joyce Daley

David and Naomi Bontrager have a secret. To protect their adult children, Daniel and Anna, they agree to leave their Amish community in Buck Mill, Ohio, and become Englisch. The siblings, however, find it impossible to stay in Eastern Ohio after their parents’ shunning. So Daniel and Anna move to a small Amish town a few hours away in Western Pennsylvania. 

Rumors of their family’s scandal, however, chase them across the state line and some of the Elders of Levity, PA, are none too pleased to have Daniel and Anna settle in their community. Will their parents’ shame prevent the siblings from finding love and acceptance? Or will each of them, with God’s grace and guidance, find a new life with the person of their dreams?

Email me, Lyn Perry, directly to purchase an e-book of Thee Will I Cherish (choice of format) for only $2 via PayPal.

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