Friday, January 24, 2020

Free Fiction Friday - She Raced the Waves

Here's a prose poem for your enjoyment. I don't write a lot of poetry, but when I do... ;)

Hope you have a great weekend! Let me know what you're reading. Email me any time.

She Raced the Waves by Lyndon Perry

She raced the waves as they crashed behind her
with thunderous applause
as if she’d won a gold medal at the Olympics.
When the packed, sea-heavy sand changed abruptly
to thick, ankle-deep grains of brown and gold
she flopped to the ground and basked in the sun’s warmth.
Her eyes shut tight against the sun’s glory,
she could still hear the roar of the waves
and every third or fourth pounding
felt the spray of the ocean beckoning her
to return and run and frolic along its expansive coast.
Making sand angels instead, she felt
the tiny rocks polish the backs of her arms and legs;
she could taste the salt and smell the drying kelp as well.
But it wasn’t the allure of any of these magnificent and sensual pleasures
that finally compelled her to return and baptize herself
one final time
in the crisp, rejuvenating waters a block from her home.
It was the call of her mother
for lunch
“don’t bring any of that sand in the house with you this time.”

She Raced the Waves © 2017 by Lyndon Perry
For more to read, visit Tule Fog Press


  1. Nice job, Lyndon! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you, Roy! I want to try my hand at more poems but feel I need some "lessons" first. Best to you!


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