Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Kindle Unlimited Firesale

Amazon is offering a 3 month membership of Kindle Unlimited for only 2 bucks! Wow! Normally it's $10 per month, so this is a crazy deal.

I used to be in KU but I just couldn't keep up the reading pace to make it worth it to me. But for three months, I'll give it another go.

If you are in KU, I have 10 or 11 books in there to read for free! Would you be so kind as to look them up and do some reading (page turning).

How KU works is that authors get paid by the number of pages read. Yes, those sneaky people at Amazon keep track of where you are in their books. See, technically, the ebook isn't yours. If you borrow it from Amazon, it's theirs.

But since mine is their's and their's is yours and your reading mine helps both me and you and them, then it should be a no brainer now where was I?

Oh yes, here are some books of mine to read for free as a Kindle Unlimited member. This is a snapshot of my "Four-Pack Fiction Series" on Goodreads. Links to Amazon on this blog.

I also have a fanfic piece from Hugh Howey's World of Wool (with Hugh's permission) in KU. It's called The Last Prayer: A Silo Story.

My short and humorous zombie collection is also in KU for another month (then I'm 'going wide'). It's called The Princess and the Zombie. I mention it here on this blog.

Both of my collaborations with J.A. Konrath are also in KU. Read more about them here. These are thrillers written under my pen name, Garth Perry. (Not that much of a secret pen name, I know.)

And I actually have a couple of Lenten sermons in KU for whatever reason. They get borrowed every year before Easter, so that's nice. They are called Journey to the Cross - Faith and Journey to the Cross - Servanthood.

Finally, a book I published through Tule Fog Press is in KU for now - Gustavo Bondoni's collection of dark fantasy titled, Pale Reflection. Check it out on my publishing page at TFP.

All of these are free to borrow if you are a Kindle Unlimited member. Not asking you to be a member, just giving a heads up. But for a three month trial at only a couple bucks, might be worth it. As always, thanks for reading! - Lyn