Thursday, April 30, 2020

What's My Current Project?

I'm glad you asked!

Well, maybe I'm not. Because every time I say something out loud as to what I'm working on, I go off the rails and abandoned that project for something else. Oops.

But this time might be different because I'm writing a book (the second book in the series!) with my friend, T.M. Hunter. Yep, we are back to the world of Max McCannor, a runaway orphan looking for his dad who he is now convinced is alive and in need of his help.

Here's the blurb for Book 1...

The Adventures of Max McCannor
by T. M. Hunter and Lyndon Perry

Max McCannor and his friends suffer under the cruelty of their orphanage headmasters, Mr. and Mrs. Tittlesworth. After reaching a breaking point, and spurred on by the hope of finding his long-lost father, Max convinces his best friend Sadie and the others to flee their captors and head west. 

But Tittlesworth has too many secrets to keep to risk losing Max and his pals. So the headmaster hires one of his former orphans to track the children down. He wants them returned to the orphanage...before they ESCAPE for good.

Join Max, Sadie, and the rest of the crew as they travel from New York to Chicago and then onward to California in search of his dad, an inventor who has fallen into the hands of a dangerous gang bent on exploiting his mechanical genius.

Escape! is a middle grade/young adult alternative history adventure story set in the 1890s. It has a light steampunk flavor since the era is so ripe with inventions and exciting technological changes.

Book 2 is called Runaway and we're maybe a third of the way through. We alternate writing chapters and edit each other along the way. You can pick up Book 1 at Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon.