Sunday, April 26, 2020

New! Tule Fog Tales, Issue Two


The second issue of Tule Fog Tales features six dark fantasy stories from me, Lyndon Perry! 

These imaginative tales published by Tule Fog Press are filled with the ghostly, devilish, supernatural, and psychological horrific. 

Perfect bedtime reading for before you turn out the lights!

Stories include:
+ One Midsummer’s Night
+ Maysi’s First Assignment
+ Captain Tyler’s Ghost
+ Yes, Allie, There’s a Bogeyman Under Your Bed
+ To Tame a Demon
+ The Curious Case of Kevin Klaag

Speculative. Supernatural.

Available from:
Barnes and Noble
Rakuten Kobo
SCRIBD (soon)
Other Booksellers

Thought. Would anyone be interested in subscribing to Tule Fog Tales? Say, 10 e-issues for $20 (vs the 'news stand' price of $29.90, a savings of almost 10 bucks). Let me know if that sounds like a feasible endeavor. Thanks.