Saturday, April 03, 2021

Mister the Magical Cat

 Help Kickstart a Magical New Series!

Exciting news! I'm writing a series of cozy mysteries featuring Mister the Magical Cat. And I'm launching it on Kickstarter! Want to join the fun? You can back this project and enjoy some rewards at the same time. Visit my Kickstarter Project Page for details. (It goes live next week!)

What's in it for you? By supporting my first novella in this series, Cat Potion No. 9, you'll kickstart a whimsical adventure full of fun, felines, and friendship. (You'll also help pay for my cover art and, in a way, support another person's creative endeavors as well!)

Rewards for supporters...

Pretty simple structure: 

About the novella...

Mister the Cat is an ordinary orange and white tabby who happens to live in an unassuming small town with a middle-aged witch named Helga Snittlewitch. When one of Helga's potions goes awry, Mister discovers he has supernatural abilities - much to his feline friends' delight and his chagrin.

Trouble starts to brew when the local Witches and Warlock Guild finds out about his magical talents and threatens Helga with his disposal! Will Mister's magic save him or lead to his demise? 

How you can help...

Cat Potion No. 9 will be about 100 pages long (20,000 to 30,000 words). Think of it as a short novel with a complete story arc. Your support will provide the spark that gets the whole series started. Two additional novellas are planned and cover art secured. The Kickstarter Campaign will bring it to reality.

Would you consider backing this project? I think you'll enjoy the story. 

Thank you!

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