Tuesday, December 08, 2020

The Frankenstein Saga by Merrie Destefano

 A dangerous holiday. A deadly curse brought to life.

Hear Mary Shelley's tale like you've never heard it before! Frankenstein meets Dracula in this award-winning Gothic retelling of this classic story.

The Frankenstein Saga - Shade, Dusk, and Dawn.

A friend of mine,
Merrie Destefano, has a new series out. It's called The Frankenstein Saga - Shade, Dusk, and Dawn. (link to Audible) Sounds super cool to me. Check it out.

Who is the author?

Merrie Destefano is a writer and artist living in Southern California. Her books have been published by HarperCollins and Ruby Slippers Press, to name just two. She has worked for Focus on the Family and The Word For Today and written for Victorian Homes, Haunted: Mysteries And Legends, American Farmhouse Style, and more. Her co-authored art books include How To Draw Vampires, How To Draw Zombies, and How to Draw Grimm's Dark Fairy Tales.

Merrie studied art at Northern Illinois University, met her husband at a kazoo parade, rides her bike almost every day, laughs at all jokes, and ugly cries during corny movies. You can find out more about her projects on her website.


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Happy reading (or listening) to your favorite books this holiday season! - Lyn

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