Saturday, November 06, 2021

New Release - The Demonkiller Series by T. M. Hunter

My friend, T. M. Hunter, has just released “Chosen,” the first book in a new series called “The Demonkiller.”

I’ve not read it yet, but it looks pretty sweet. It’s categorized as teen/YA oriented, but of course that mostly means the main characters are in that age range.

One reason I think a lot of adults like to read YA is that it takes us back to our youth where anything is possible. And the set up for this story taps into that yearning – the possibility of hunting down demons and destroying them! Très cool.

Here’s the blurb from the author:

Gabriel Stinson drifts around aimlessly through life as a fifteen-year-old nobody. He doesn’t fit in with most other kids his age and likes it that way, aside from being bullied by his longtime nemesis Billy Ulrich.

Gabriel learns of his Pastor’s secret life as a demonkiller, shortly before being asked to become one as well.

Making this decision may mean making a choice between the life he had, and the life that he is being called to.

Well, I’m hooked! Plus the cover art by Flirtation Designs (look them up on Facebook) is gripping. It speaks to me of religious conspiracy, mystery, and supernatural designs on the human world.

This genre is a departure for the author, who is best known for his Aston West space opera adventures. Those are fun and entertaining reads featuring a likeable but irascible space pirate. 

Personally, I’m glad Mr. Hunter is expanding his storytelling universe – he’s a good writer and deserves a wider and varied audience.

So check out Chosen – Demonkiller Book 1 by T. M. Hunter. I will be! (All book links are affiliate links to Amazon.)

P.S. If you’re not familiar with Aston West, the author has a number of “triple shots” collections that feature 3 short stories or novelets. These samples are great introductions to the author’s space opera universe. Here’s a shortreview of mine from a few years ago (on my SF/F review blog, ResAliens). You can find more of Hunter's triple shots on Goodreads.

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