Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Music for the Pandemic

My friend, Vandarth, released this album earlier in the year but it just went up at BandCamp, called The way Through. Check out the song, Life is Strange.

Nathan's an accomplished musician, covering all the instruments himself and providing the vocals. Very creative indie rock with a bit of grunge influence (heh, he's a 90s kid).

Here's where you can find Vandarth's music...

And pretty much anywhere else you can stream music, like Amazon, etc. He's also got a podcast at Spotify, and here's the Anchor link

If you sign up for his newsletter you'll get some free songs that aren't on his current albums. Pretty cool. There's more to his story, but I'll leave you with this teaser - he's starting a church in a brewery. Now that's dope. Check him out.

(via PayPal.Me - an e-book from Tule Fog Press.) 
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