Saturday, January 08, 2022

Studio Como Design - My Daughter's Architect Firm

My daughter is an architect in Los Angeles. She and a friend from school (USC) opened a firm together called Studio Como. Check out their website.

They started their business January, 2020. Yeah. That 2020. And they've thrived! Steady work and growth ever since. Not easy, of course, but projects are always appearing in the pipeline.

They seemed to have found a niche in retail and restaurant design, remodel and renovation. Though they do homes and new construction as well. (Just not a lot of new space in LA to do much ground up building.)

One of their recent featured projects (in a posh eatery magazine) is a new restaurant and club in Koreatown, called Intercrew. Our daughter gave us a tour yesterday and I thought I'd share some pics with you all.

We were - are! - very impressed! And of course, proud and excited for Studio Como. Live in California and need a project done? Give them a call!

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