Monday, January 03, 2022

Taking Care of Business - Winter Cat Edition

It's been cold in Kansas. Super cold. Got down to single digits and with windchill even colder. Don't like it, but we can handle it. (Unlike Texas who's power grid is, um, yeah.) 

The challenge is we feed four stray cats every morning and evening that live in the field behind our house. They sometimes come inside but go crazy if we keep them inside. You've been there.

Bibbs, Mama, and Noname.
Welp. We finally got three of them inside for the past 3 nights and they eventually settled down. 

Here's a picture of Bibbs (get it? he's got a white bib for a fur coat), plus Mama (the mom of the other 2) and Noname (no name but pronounce noNAme ;) at the window wanting to go out.

Our gray outdoor cat named Bull (no relation to Mama's clan) won't come inside so we open the garage door a smidge so he can come in and find an electric warming pad in a sheltered cat bed. He's been enjoying that for the past few nights.

Even though these cats are a bit wild, they do like to hang out with us once they settle down. 

That was a surprise at 3 in the morning when one of them plopped onto our bed and started purring. I sat up to see which one, but in the dark couldn't tell. And the dang cat didn't stick around to tell me. Their tolerance of us only goes so far. They'd prefer it if we simply fed them and then went to sleep. Sorta like their own pattern.

Do you have any stray cats? Either way, here's a fun video for all cat lovers. ;-)

Stay warm!

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