Tuesday, January 04, 2022


I'm transitioning from Twitter to GETTR and, like the trending hashtag says, #GettrIsBetter. Find me using the handle @LynPerry - surprised I was able to snag that one! But then, the platform is relatively new.

I also like Parler, but I use the desktop version as I can't find the app in the G 0 o g L e store. The censorship in big tech is China-level and yet no one cares anymore. Sheeple, get a clue. We're heading for disaster.

That being said, I don't use these platforms to rant about politics or go all doomageddon on everyone. Neither do I go there to follow "big names" and fill my mind with all sorts of panic pr0n.

I just want to connect with others in the #writingcommunity / #writerscommunity - people who do the #amwriting and #ampublishing thing. Fellow readers and writers of mostly sci-fi, fantasy, speculative fiction. So far, I've found a nice handful of folks. I think we'll build a good community at GETTR.

If English isn't your first language, GETTR comes from the slang phrase "get her" - as in: "let's get 'er done" ('her' referring to whatever it is that needs to get done!). 

And there's a lot to get done when it comes to defending freedom of thought, speech, and artistic expression. In this sense, then, I adhere to classic liberal principles of individual freedom of expression.

I consider myself a social, political, and fiscal conservative. Not a libertarian, although there is some overlap. For example, a social conservative is probably against legalized marijuana. A libertarian probably would not be. But I think both groups could care less what you do with a MaryJane behind closed doors. I would frown upon it, but I'm not going to break down your door and firehose the place.

Anyway, that's enough of that. Just find me online and let's connect and get that writing community up and running!

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  1. Hey Lyn, found you via Gettr yesterday through the hashtags. Always been a reader of sci fi and speculation fiction but never a writer. I find I'm a generalist in a age of specialization when it comes to writing.

    I'm a huge fan of short stories so I'm glad to have found yet another short fiction writer. I like the idea behind your Tule Fog Press, too.

    Anyway, I like what I've discovered so far and am looking forward to seeing more of what you do.

  2. Thanks! Sorry for the late reply. I can't seem to access comments approval from my blogger app, so had to wait until I returned from vacation to see your note! But yes, I am a generalist too - I like a wide variety of fiction and write in a lot of different genres. Thanks for connecting and I hope you enjoy my stories!


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