Thursday, February 10, 2022

Late Blog Post for Thursday

Quick rundown of my day...

Woke up on the early side (5:30ish) to type up a few things on the computer before the cat wakes up and bothers me for an hour begging for food he has in his dish already but forgot about since he's old and addled.

Went for coffee with a friend that I should have been getting together with on a regular basis long before now since he has such a neat journey to share and I could have learned so much from him. But still, a nice catch up time of encouragement.

Came home and handed off the car to my wife then did things around the house (laundry, dishes, clean cat litter, etc.) until she returned. Took laundry to the laundromat since our dryer is on the fritz.

Came home, dropped off laundry, grabbed my tablet because I have to add some songs in PDF form to my set list since the acoustic project I'm a part of planned to practice this evening and I needed the new songs on my tablet since I can't play by ear - I have to type everything out and put the chords on top of the right words!

So I did that in the afternoon to three songs - Billy Idol's Eyes Without a Face, Mellencamp's Hurt So Good, and April Wine's Just Between You and Me. Prepped for tonight's practice. Then practiced a few songs, including the new ones, for tomorrow night's gig.

Came home and am typing this up. That's a day in the life of. Pretty boring. So goodnight!

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