Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Today's Challenge - Showing Love


Trying a new blog hop - Wednesday Weekly Challenge. The challenge changes each week so today's is "Ways to Show Someone You Love Them."

Go here to participate: Long and Short Reviews.

My response: Listening always works. If you love and care for someone, you'll likely listen to them when they need to vent, cry, or even share good news.

That may be the hardest one to just sit and listen to, because we (me?) are often tempted to "one-up" the news with something great that happened to us.

So looking for a way to express love? Listen. Or go one step further - take the initiative and ask about someone's week and then truly listen.

Comment below if you have other "go-to" ways to show someone you love them. Or leave a link to your own blog where you've posted your thoughts. Thanks! Have a good week! And when I call you next time... (grin)


  1. Taking the initiative is always special - because sometimes we need to hear and see the love unrequested and unplanned. And listening always does work. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Welcome to the blog hop. Its fun. This is my second year playing along.

  2. I'm a very sporadic participant in the blog hop, but it's nice to meet you. Yes, listening, not just hearing but really getting what someone is saying, is hard to beat.

    1. I haven't blog hopped for 15 years, so call me sporadic as well! lol Thanks for dropping by!


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