Friday, February 04, 2022

Short Free Fiction & Writing Update

Happy Friday, y’all!

A real short #FreeFictionFriday offering below after this quick update.

I mostly wanted to share a brief note about my writing projects and the state of our family. If you haven’t heard, we’re planning to move to Puerto Rico later this summer! We are in the beginning of the furious stage of downsizing everything - selling things, giving items away, throwing junk out.

Why the big life change move? We’re semi-retiring in order to travel more, live the beach life, do some AirBnB for some income, and I plan to write full time. And I’ll need to write full time to finish all the projects I’ve started!


  • ·         Finishing a three-part Mister the Magical Cat series of novellas.
  • ·         Complete books 2 & 3 of Ma Tutt’s Donut Hut series, a cozy mystery set featuring a bakery and a magical cat. (The two series are tangentially related.)
  • ·         Write the 3rd episode of Max McCannor, a middle grade adventure, completing the story arc and publishing the whole thing with my friend T. M. Hunter.
  • ·         Finish my fan fiction triology based on Hugh Howey’s Wool - which may make it to the small screen next year. Not my stories, Howey’s on Apple+ I think. If you want to read my fanfic novella, it’s on Amazon and called The Last Prayer.
  • ·         Oh, and a weird space western novella Dan Devine and I are writing together, a sequel to a free fiction Friday story I posted afew weeks back. So that needs to be completed! Dang. So many projects to get to.

So what am I working on today? None of the above!

I’m actually trying to finish a story that I’d committed to last year for our Bible story app called Faith Journeys. (BTW, the app is FREE to download from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.)

My role in this project? I’m the content editor, but I’m also writing a dramatized version of one of the disciple’s lives, Matthew, and telling the story of Jesus from his perspective - with a bit of non-canon dialogue, shall we say!

It’s actually really fun and I’d invite you to download the free app and read the two free stories, including Matthew - Part 1, which is in the Faith Journeys store. I’ll be adding Matthew - Part 2 in the coming weeks.

So that’s about it for my #writingupdate for this week. Hope you enjoy the space western and The Last Prayer (free for KU readers) and my Matthew story - lots of goodies to choose from today. 

Plus, here’s a short freebie: a 97 word micro-fiction called Silver Lining...

            I can’t think of a story that doesn’t invoke the old cliché, I type into my computer.

            It’s just a title, you don’t have to base a story on it, my computer responds.

            But isn’t that the purpose of a writing prompt? I reply. The moderator gave us ‘Silver Lining.’ What else are we supposed to do with it?

            You could write about the Comstock Lode, my computer types back.

            What does that have to do with anything? I ask.

            Just pretend you misread the title, the computer offers. And develop a good story about silver mining.

(via PayPal.Me - an e-book from Tule Fog Press.) 
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