Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Trunk Novels & Story Starts

I did a bad bad thing. And I should be really really sorry. But I'm not.

Yep, I started writing a new book. I won't finish it right now, but I did some plotting, outlining, character sheets, historical research, etc. It's already in my WIP folder in Dropbox. 

Where it will stay until I get a round tuit. I have lots of round tuits. 

Some call them trunk novels - which are works that either have been abandoned (and laid to rest in a trunk) or simply put on the back burner until some future date when inspiration hits. 

In my WIP/trunk folder are story starts, quarter-finished novellas and novels (can never get to half-way finished!), detailed outlines that hint at stories, and just random word docs with lists of story ideas.


+ a western set in 1870s Kansas featuring a preacher and his widowed sister. This is the one I started over the weekend. I have him traveling to Liberal, KS, but found out the city was founded in the 1880s. Oops.

+ a mail-order bride romance series - also set in Kansas in the 1890s - featuring two brothers who meet two sisters and a tag-a-long cousin who finds love on the prairie. Thus a three-book series is born!

+ a paranormal romance with werewolves and witches and eternals and immortals. Part 1 is done if anyone wants to read it. You can beta read and give me ideas on what is supposed to happen next! lol

+ an art caper thriller featuring a private eye who doesn't like guns but gets mixed up in the mafia and may have to break his vow about never handling a firearm.

And those are just a sampling of my round tuits. Not even scratching the surface. I also have started...

+ a LitRPG novel

+ a distant star colony sci-fi

+ a ghost op vigilante thriller

+ an Apocalypse Weird novel that I need to finish and rebrand since that franchise no longer exists

+ an oceanic fantasy; a fairy tale fantasy; a middle school fantasy; 

+ and a whole lot more. Sigh.

Welp. One day I'll get to a lot of these, I promise. ;-) But if it were up to you, which story start would you want me to work on this year? Any interesting scenarios appeal to you? Let me know!

Thanks for letting me indulge in my hobby of starting new stories!

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